Is “Klean” really the owner’s last name? No, the owner’s last name is Anderson

So how did you come up with the name “Kathleen Klean”? When Kathleen was doing the cleaning, she used to have a periodic customer who would say, “I cleaned the living/dining room three weeks ago, but I didn’t get it ‘Kathleen Klean’? In fact, she said it so many times, Kathleen finally decided it would make a good name for the company. And so it is.

So what’s a face clean anyway? Think small child with chocolate on face. Before you go into the store, you grab a tissue, add moisture, and dab away the chocolate. Quite a bit short of a bath and clean clothes but, none-the-less, presentable. That’s essentially what we do when we  “face clean” inside your refrigerator, under your kitchen sink, or inside your medicine cabinet.